Friday, July 4, 2014

Welcome: What is this blog?

Back in the 80's I grew up with toys like the Transformers and Gobots. As an adult I've been right into miniatures games - collecting figures, painting them, playing games, designing scenarios and rules, and so forth.

A few years ago I was playing around with Doctor Who miniatures, and after watching Jon Pertwee in Doctor Who and the Invasion of the Dinosaurs, I went down to the local shopping center, and bought a bunch of cheap $2 plastic kids toy dinosaurs.

That was all good and fine (and cheap!) but after years of painting up detailed wargaming miniatures, I thought, these toy dinosaurs didn't look detailed enough. So I got out my miniatures paints, and painted the toys. I was amazed at how these cheap toys in garish colours actually had a real lot of detail in their plastic molding, and painted up really well!

So every now and then, I grab a cheap plastic kids toy, and paint it up as if it were a $40 or more large miniatures game piece.

I've been watching a lot of the Transformers 80's cartoon lately, and have gotten into digital comics, reading through the original Marvel continuity and now the IDW comics, and I've been playing the computer games (not the ones based on the new movies - I don't like the new movies).

Anyhow, I realized when looking at some cheap plasticy gharishly coloured transformer toys, that like the toy dinosaurs, the molding of the plastic actually had lots of great detail in it. So I've started collecting transformers and am going to paint them up as if they were miniatures game pieces, and design some wargaming rules and scenarios for playing games with them.

So this blog will chronicle my starting a new collection of transformable toys (Transformers, Gobots, Asian toys, 3rd party toys, and so forth), painting them up, and designing rules with which to play out battles and scenarios miniatures-game style.

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