Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Steamhammer painting part 3

Not really 'part 3' but just another photo for today. Here's the vehicle modes of Steamhammer and the Drones all together, with the two painted ones, and the other three yet to be painted.

Notes on gameplay scale:
The vehicles aren't really 25mm scale. Steamhammer is a 'scout class' Transformer, in that he stands between 3.5" and 4.5", and they look great near other scout class transformers, such as cars, etc. But when you look at the physical size of the cockpit sections of the Constructicon Drones, they're really tiny next to 25mm humans, which means 'real life' scale wise, they should actually be a lot bigger (Deluxe class or something instead). However, I quite like them at this size, and they look good on the table with other figures even if a human wouldn't be able to fit inside them, and if they were double this size the combined form would be monstrously huge on the table and not as playable a figure.

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