Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Arrivales: Optimus Prime, Megatron, Double Clutch and the Rallybots drones

I got a parcel today: Double Clutch the Autobot with the Rallybots drones. Double Clutch is a large car, and the Rallybots are drones that look like small rally racing cars, that can join together with Double Clutch to power him up into a big combined form, just like Steamhammer and the Constructicon drones do.

I haven't done any more painting, so Steamhammer isn't complete yet - I've been distracted by a computer game, and some classical guitar composing, but I'll get to more painting sometime soon.

I also got Optimus Prime and Megatron in the Ultimate Battles box set. However, Optimus Prime is two things: a very good, poseable robot, and a horrible 'truck' that doesn't look all that good. The vehicle mode is quite horrible. However, I'll paint it all up and maybe make some minor mods to the vehicle mode, not sure yet. The robot mode is very poseable - but with one sore point: he has a button on his back that makes his arm perform an 'attack swing'. This is accomplished by the top half of his torso spinning around. The spinning is so loose, that it spins left or right without even pressing the button. So I'll be cutting the button off, and using thin layers of paint to add friction to the torso twist, so that it won't swing about so freely. But yeah, he's very poseable - knee joints, hip joints, shoulders, elbows, tilting feet, and the shoulders and hips are full ball joints, so it's pretty great.

The Megatron in the Ultimate Battles has a button too which does something with one of his arms, I'm not sure what it's supposed to be doing, but I can ignore that, and there's no loose spinning on him, so it's okay. This Megatron has a tank with a big gun as his vehicle mode. Outside of the 80's cartoons, there are actually numerous alternate forms for Megatron, and giving him a vehicle form like everyone else makes more sense than turning into a hand gun that morphs size to fit who wants to hold it - very impractical for a miniatures toy game, so the tank mode is actually really great and a lot more playable. The problem though, is that he is green, and tan, and a kind of burnt orange-brown, and does not look, colour-wise, like Megatron. So I'll be painting him up in his traditional grays.

While the vehicle mode for Optimus looks like a truly bad disguise, and the freely spinning torso is a downer, the fact that I got the box set for about $30 means that I got two deluxe Transformers for only around $15 each. That's pretty fantastic for getting an Optimus and a Megatron. The cheapest I can see a standalone Optimus on Ebay is $35, so it's less than half the price! That's a good deal, though he'll need a little bit of work for me to be happy with him.

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